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The ultimate guide to Australian Professional Development Leave

Professional Development Leave (PDL) lets you take time off work to learn and get paid while you’re doing it. Today we’ll be exploring what it is, how to access it, and how to spend your PDL days at the beach.
28th Mar 2023 • 6m read

The women behind our courses

The women behind Medmastery's courses come from many different countries and backgrounds. Accounting for 76% of our workforce, they are a massive driver behind what we do and stand for.
7th Mar 2023 • 9m read

Why this educator and surgeon doesn’t allow people to define her

Breast surgical oncologist Olutayo Sogunro shares her career journey as a surgeon and a Black female. She encourages future physicians not to be afraid of challenges.
22nd Feb 2023 • 8m read

AI in healthcare: 7 examples you should know

Get yourself up to speed on how AI can be used in healthcare!
10th Sep 2021 • 3m read

The 14 best movies for doctors to watch

When you don't mind mixing work and play, these films won't let you down.
31st Aug 2021 • 5m read

10 Awesome (Tolerable) Songs About Doctors

Check out these 10 inspiring (or not so inspiring) songs about doctors!
4th Aug 2021 • 3m read

Internal Medicine Subspecialties: 7 Dark Horse Picks

These lesser-known internal medicine subspecialties can provide highly rewarding careers.
2nd Aug 2021 • 3m read

E-learning in healthcare: 10 practical tips for success

These tips can help you maximize your success on an e-learning platform.
17th Jul 2021 • 3m read

How to teach medical residents: 21st century strategies

Today's residents are learning in completely new ways. These pointers can help you keep up.
8th Jul 2021 • 4m read

Are You Experiencing Burnout in Healthcare?

Burnout in healthcare is all too common. Thankfully, a few tricks can make a huge difference.
23rd Jun 2021 • 2m read

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