By Franz Wiesbauer, MD, MPH - 2nd Mar 2016 - The Medmastery show

The Medmastery Show - Episode #11: John Harper | Literature and Medicine

Today I’m back with a great guest. His name is Dr. John Harper. He’s a cardiologist with an interesting passion from Dallas Texas. Read on to learn more...

John Harper

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Here's some more background information:

Dr. Harper is the Chair of Cardiology, at the Presbyterian Dallas Hospital . He was voted “Best Doctor in Dallas” by D Magazine and according to the Guide to top Doctors is among the best physicians in America. He’s a great clinical teacher and spends over 30% of his time teaching residents and medical students at the University of Texas Soutwestern Medical School.

Dr. Harper has a strong passion for all things on the intersection between medicine and literature. So in 2009 he launched a conference entitled “Literature and Medicine”. In this podcast, he will share how you can use literature in order to become a better doctor, a better storyteller, a more empathetic listener and much, much more.

This is a unique conversation with lots of nuggets of wisdom. I really enjoyed it and I hope you will too. So without further ado, here’s Dr. John Harper.

The Interview

Short stories, Books and Publications discussed during the interview (in chronological order)