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The ultimate guide to Australian Professional Development Leave

Professional Development Leave (PDL) lets you take time off work to learn and get paid while you’re doing it. Today we’ll be exploring what it is, how to access it, and how to spend your PDL days at the beach.
28th Mar 2023 • 6m read

How to respond to patients’ emotions

When emotions like stress, frustration, anger, or grief arise during conversations with your patients and their families, you shouldn’t ignore them. Instead, you can use six specific skills to respond to and address them.
28th Mar 2023 • 1m read

How to address patients'complaints

At some point, you will likely be responsible for addressing patient complaints made against yourself or your team. Address patients’ complaints by following these seven steps.
28th Mar 2023 • 1m read

How to break bad news

Breaking bad news is one of the hardest things to do. This framework can help you deliver difficult messages and so that your patients and their families better understand the situation.
28th Mar 2023 • 1m read

How to prepare for difficult conversations

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Having difficult conversations with your patients and their families can be challenging. However, with the proper preparation, you can manage these emotional situations effectively and compassionately.
28th Mar 2023 • 1m read

Splinting with fiberglass versus plaster

Do you have a preference? Learn the important differences between the application of fiberglass and plaster splints.
14th Mar 2023 • 1m read

How to manage a boxer’s fracture, scaphoid fracture, and de Quervain’s tenosynovitis

Recognize and manage the three most common hand fractures.
14th Mar 2023 • 1m read

How to build a thumb spica splint

Thumb spica splints are used to treat many common hand injuries. Learn how to build and apply one.
14th Mar 2023 • 1m read

Initial emergency management of fractures

Recognize and treat life-threatening injuries in the emergency department.
14th Mar 2023 • 1m read

The women behind our courses

The women behind Medmastery's courses come from many different countries and backgrounds. Accounting for 76% of our workforce, they are a massive driver behind what we do and stand for.
7th Mar 2023 • 9m read

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