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Conducting a virtual musculoskeletal examination

Master the intricacies of virtual musculoskeletal exams. In this lesson, you'll learn how to detect inflammation, assess mobility and strength, and conduct sensory and reflex examinations.
13th Nov 2023 • 1m read

Integrating new technologies in telehealth encounters

There are many tools available to aid in your remote physical examination. This lesson discusses some current gadgets and what you should consider when choosing to integrate a new technology.
13th Nov 2023 • 2m read

Adapt your clinical bedside manner to virtual encounters

Enhance your online patient interactions with effective webside manner. Explore essential tips for telemedicine to build patient rapport and ensure smooth communication.
13th Nov 2023 • 1m read

Adapting history-taking to telemedicine

Sharpen your history-taking skills in a virtual encounter so that you can gather the clues you need to successfully treat your patient.
13th Nov 2023 • 2m read

Conducting a virtual cardiopulmonary examination

Discover tools and techniques to evaluate vital signs virtually, plus look for key visual and auditory clues during remote examination to assess your patient’s cardiopulmonary health.
13th Nov 2023 • 1m read

The benefits of telehealth and telemedicine: a conversation with Dr Camaglia Reznick

Adapt your patient care to the virtual world and confidently perform physical examinations online. Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD, shares her tips and tricks of the trade in our Telehealth Essentials course.
13th Nov 2023 • 2m read

Medmastery’s position on AI: Is it a threat or an opportunity?

Here’s an in-depth look at Medmastery’s journey in adapting to this technology, including the role of AI and its implications. See if it can elevate both our content and the learning experience!
7th Nov 2023 • 4m read

Assigning roles to ChatGPT and other AI

One of the keys to more effective AI prompting is to get specific. Learn how to assign ChatGPT different roles, set styles, fine-tune your language, and refine your message depending on the recipient.
31st Oct 2023 • 1m read

Using ChatGPT to assist with writing a research paper

Enhance your academic writing with AI! Explore how ChatGPT helps you draft your methods section, brainstorm counterargument ideas, and write a compelling conclusion.
30th Oct 2023 • 2m read

ChatGPT made easy: a course designed by clinicians for clinicians

Explore the basics of ChatGPT and master effective prompting. Organizing data, crafting academic content, and simplifying complex topics has never been easier!
30th Oct 2023 • 1m read

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