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How to manage osteoporosis in postmenopausal women

Quickly memorize everything you need to know about osteoporosis in postmenopausal women by watching this short, lively video. We’ll use fun memory tactics to make it ridiculously simple to memorize 90% of the information in just one viewing!
22nd Oct 2021 • 1m read

Stopping vs. continuing aspirin before coronary artery surgery - Video Review

Have you ever wondered if you should discontinue aspirin in your patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG)? Yes? Then this video was made specially for you...
30th Apr 2016 • 1m read

Warning symptoms predict sudden cardiac arrest - Video Review

This is a video review of an important recent study by Marijon et al published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in December 2015.
20th Apr 2016 • 1m read

Leaflet thrombosis of bioprosthetic aortic valves - Video Review

You might have heard about the latest controversies surrounding aortic bioprosthetic valves and their potential risk of valve-thrombosis?
5th Nov 2015 • 1m read

Spironolactone and drug-resistant hypertension - Video Review

Drug-resistant hypertension is defined as suboptimal blood pressure control despite the treatment with at least three blood pressure-lowering drugs. Up until now ...
8th Oct 2015 • 2m read

The modified Valsalva maneuver—video review

Have you ever performed the good-old Valsalva maneuver in your patients? Yes, well then STOP! Because there’s something that’s much more powerful and just as simple.
2nd Oct 2015 • 2m read

Air versus Oxygen in St-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infraction - Video review

Today’s study review summarizes the findings of a paper by Dion Stub et al. published in Circulation in June 2015. These authors looked at supplemental oxygen in the setting of ST-elevation-myocardial infarction (STEMI).
31st Aug 2015 • 1m read

Oral Contraceptives and Risk of Venous Thromboembolism - Video Review

In today’s video, we’ll review the publication by Yana Vinogradova et al. on oral contraceptive use and the risk of venous thrombosis.
25th Jun 2015 • 1m read

Three in One: Atrial Fibrillation Incidence, Safety of Transcatheter Valves & Duration of Triple Therapy After Stent Implantation - Video Review

Here’s a video review of three important recent trials: PUBLICATION #1: Talks about the rising incidence of atrial fibrillation over the last 50 years.
16th Jun 2015 • 1m read

Dual Versus Triple Therapy In Patients Undergoing Stent Implantation Who Are On Anticoagulation - Video Review

Adding clopidogrel AND aspirin on top of anticoagulation in your patients who receive stents can feel like a super risky thing to do.
12th Jun 2015 • 1m read

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