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IT Quiz Answer – Jun 13, 2024

Here are the answers from our weekly Intelligent Thursday quizzes!
4th Jun 2024 • 2m read

Medmastery’s position on AI: Is it a threat or an opportunity?

Here’s an in-depth look at Medmastery’s journey in adapting to this technology, including the role of AI and its implications. See if it can elevate both our content and the learning experience!
7th Nov 2023 • 4m read

Personal Branding For Doctors

Strong personal brand and online visibility can increase doctors' revenue streams and effectively extend their reputation. Here's how to get started.
21st Jun 2023 • 8m read

When skin color makes a difference

Dr Maria Goddard sheds light on the field of wound care and highlights the gaps in medical education related to skin color and wound care.
13th Jun 2023 • 7m read

Top 7 podcasts for nurse practitioners

Seven brilliant podcasts for nurse practitioners to help you hone your skills, get career advice, and listen to the shared experiences of fellow clinicians.
6th Jun 2023 • 4m read

A new kind of paramedic

This interview with Medmastery learner Jeff will bring you up to speed on community paramedicine and how the role of paramedics has evolved over the years.
24th May 2023 • 8m read

How to Write a Medical CV

A guide on how to write a medical CV from our talent acquisition specialists.
15th May 2023 • 6m read

How to negotiate a nursing salary

Top tips and strategies to negotiate a higher nursing salary.
9th May 2023 • 5m read

The 7 best wellness apps for clinicians

Top 7 wellness apps focused on uplifting clinicians' mental and physical well-being.
1st May 2023 • 4m read

Tenacity, a thirst for knowledge, and a surprise nursing career

A nursing professor and nurse practitioner, Kerri Rupe shares how she built a successful career in nursing starting from scratch.
26th Apr 2023 • 6m read

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