Medmastery’s position on AI: Is it a threat or an opportunity?

Here’s an in-depth look at Medmastery’s journey in adapting to this technology, including the role of AI and its implications. See if it can elevate both our content and the learning experience!

Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
7th Nov 2023 • 4m read

At Medmastery, the widespread availability of AI has not only led to the adoption of AI-assisted workflows, but also to internal conversations about the future of AI at our company, in medical education, and healthcare overall. We’ve noticed that the topic of AI has sparked concerns about whether it’s going to replace the human touch. We’re confident that AI will help empower us to level up—not replace us—and who wouldn’t want that!

Just like a hospital needs to trust its doctors to prescribe the latest state-of-the-art drugs, we believe trusting our team to use the latest cutting-edge tools will help keep us competitive and successful as a company! And when you learn to use these tools, it’ll help you stay on top of your own professional game. Embracing AI offers an opportunity to expand our skills and tap into our full potential—we just have to be willing to learn and explore these new technologies!

Our recent experiences with AI tools, such as AI-generated audio, images, and text, have revealed that their true value lies in complementing and amplifying human expertise. AI alone may yield average results, but when combined with your skills, it can lead to truly exceptional outcomes.

For some examples, let’s look at writing and image generation. When someone new to writing uses AI-generated text, the outcome might be a bit bland. But when someone who has a clear goal and knows the ins and outs of great writing gets their hands on it, AI can help them achieve truly amazing results. The same goes for image generation. If you have a solid grasp of clean design and a knack for good taste, you can work wonders with AI image generators and create seriously impressive art. The secret sauce is combining your know-how and creativity with AI tools, taking your work to the next level and breaking new ground.

Medmastery’s experiments with AI content generation

We’ve unlocked new levels of creativity through experimentation with AI tools like Adobe Firefly (for image generation), ChatGPT (for writing and more), and others. We’ve also been experimenting with an AI-assisted podcast.

Rest assured though, real people are still heavily involved in the creation of all of our content! 

First, there’s simply no substitute for the personal touches and insights that only a human can add. Second, because AI is sometimes prone to unpredictable errors, it’s crucial to fact-check all content that AI assists us in creating. You can think of AI as being kind of like a virtual assistant that has its own strengths and weaknesses. We must learn what it does well, and what is beyond its capabilities. Ultimately, we are in the role of the AI’s "supervisor," assigning tasks and overseeing its output to make sure it’s up to our standards.

One of the tools we created to streamline our workflow when working with AI is a prompting tool. We think it’s so helpful that we want you to have access to it, too! It can totally transform the way you prompt AI and help you get superior results!

To get access to it, here’s what you need to do:

👉 If you don’t have an account with us yet, sign up for a free trial today to get access! 

👉 If you already have an account with us, log in here and access the prompting tool through the top menu. 

When you sign up for access to our prompting tool, you’ll also get access to our newest course, ChatGPT Essentials for Clinicians. It’ll get you up to speed on ChatGPT, an AI-powered large language model that will take your writing to the next level, simplify your path to mastering intricate topics, and so much more! And the good news is that the techniques you’ll learn can also be used with other AIs such as Claude, Bard, and more that are sure to follow.

The sky’s the limit

AI has truly elevated the ceiling of what's possible, both in your professional life and the world of medical education. Imagine what an entire team that’s AI-literate can do! 🤯 The key is to be up to date on AI and willing to experiment with these tools.

Wrapping up

As a company, we’re optimistic about the potential upsides of AI. But we’re also aware of the potential dangers that come with not keeping up. After all, we can’t be prescribing metaphorical medicine that’s out of date. We are committed to leveling up our skills right alongside you, and we know it’ll be a fun ride. 

Last, but not least, maybe you’ve heard chatter about the impact of AI on the job market. We don't believe that AI will kill a lot of jobs. As Kevin Kelly pointed out in a piece from WIRED:

have spent the past six months using AIs to create thousands of striking images, often losing a night’s sleep in the unending quest to find just one more beauty hidden in the code. And after interviewing the creators, power users, and other early adopters of these generators, I can make a very clear prediction: generative AI will alter how we design just about everything. Oh, and not a single human artist will lose their job because of this new technology.

For more on that topic, we recommend Kevin’s interview with Tim Ferriss where they discuss this topic at length. It’s really insightful stuff!

Now, let’s rock this together! 💪