Top 7 podcasts for nurse practitioners

Seven brilliant podcasts for nurse practitioners to help you hone your skills, get career advice, and listen to the shared experiences of fellow clinicians.

Manuela Armini
Manuela Armini
6th Jun 2023 • 4m read

Podcasts are a simple way to stay up to date with the latest in the nursing world. Check out these 7 brilliant podcasts for nurse practitioners if you want to learn from others going through similar experiences, need some career advice, or just get a bit of reassurance after a tough day.


Top 7 podcasts for nurse practitioners

1. Becoming a Stress-Free Nurse Practitioner: transition from RN to NP

This podcast is the perfect resource for registered nurses transitioning to nurse practitioners. In her bite-size episodes, Sarah Michelle, APRN MSN FNP-C FNP-BC, covers everything you need to know to become a stress-free nurse practitioner. While sharing her experiences and meeting interesting guests, Sarah covers tricky topics like what happens when you fail your exams, why you shouldn’t accept your first job offer, and what to do if you don’t like your first NP job.

2. The Nurse Keith Show: set your career goals straight

In this weekly podcast, Nurse Keith offers helpful career advice gained from his experience as a nurse and board-certified Nurse Coach. On his own, or with special guests, Keith covers a wide range of topics such as the career journey of a nurse practitioner, career transitions from nursing to other professions both in and outside the healthcare system, and aligning your career goals with your well-being. If you’re looking for nursing career advice, you will find what you need in one or more of the 400 one-hour episodes featured on The Nurse Keith Show.

3. Straight A Nursing: study or brush up on clinical skills

Whether you are in nursing school or are a registered nurse who needs to brush up on clinical skills, Nurse Mo has what you need. In her podcast, Straight A Nursing, Maureen, MSN RN CCRN, shares advice on how to navigate nursing school and covers clinical topics like pharmacology and how to perform a cardiac assessment. In each episode, Nurse Mo deep-dives into a specific clinical or study-related topic. With more than 200 episodes available, it is easy for you to find what you're looking for thanks to the curation of 10 playlists organized by topic: new student, get organized, study tips, lytes, cardiac, resp, critical care, and new nurse.

4. The NP Business Matters: how to boost your private practice

Do you run a private practice, or are you thinking of starting one? The NP Business Matters podcast provides advice on the organizational, financial, and legal aspects of owning a private Nurse Practitioner business. In 2020, Barbara C. Phillips, APRN GNP FNP-BC FAAN, started this podcast in response to the need of Nurse Practitioners for guidance in independent practice. Each episode features an interview with a special guest, where they address topics such as the challenges of running a private business, how to advertise your practice and protect it from recession, insurance questions, as well as topics related to specific nursing specialties.

5. Nursing Uncensored: nurses, too, have a personal life

In her podcast, Nursing Uncensored, Adrianne M. Behning, BSN RN, covers topics ranging from being a nurse with bipolar disorder, to self-care for caregivers, to the challenges of being in a relationship with a nurse. Adrianne and her guests don’t shy away from unveiling the hidden personal and professional challenges of everyday life as a nurse. If you struggle to navigate your day-to-day life while pursuing a nursing career, be assured that you are not the only one! Nursing Uncensored is full of insightful advice and inspiration, with tips on how to deal with personal, family, health, and emotional issues while keeping up with the demanding nature of being a nurse.

6. 4NPs Podcast: a sisterhood of nurses

The 4NPs Podcast was created by nurse practitioners and friends Oneida, Colleen, Alicia, and Christina. Their goal was to support other nurse practitioners who are struggling with nursing school, work-life balance, relationships, and children. In each episode, the four hosts welcome fellow nurse practitioners to share their professional and personal experiences and talk about the challenges surrounding the world of nurse practitioners.

7. Good Nurse Bad Nurse: unwind with true nursing crime stories

Every week, Nurse Tina and her guests put shocking cases of malpractice and crime in the healthcare system under the spotlight. In Good Nurse Bad Nurse, you can hear about cases such as the nurse anesthetist who live-streamed the murder of his ex-wife on social media, the Japanese nurse convicted of murdering three patients, and the ICU physician accused of prescribing excessive doses of painkillers. If you are a true crime lover, you will enjoy Nurse Tina’s one-hour episodes. Every story has a villain and a hero, and Good Nurse Bad Nurse also celebrates the healthcare professionals who work with colleagues, patients, and the justice system to shed light on these crimes.

With a podcast for every taste, the nurse practitioners community never lets you down! 

Whether you're looking for entertainment, study tips, or career advice, this list has you covered. So dive in and start listening!

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