The 7 best wellness apps for clinicians

Top 7 wellness apps focused on uplifting clinicians' mental and physical well-being.

Sunayana Samantaray
Sunayana Samantaray
1st May 2023 • 4m read

Wellness apps for clinicians are becoming increasingly popular for addressing the workplace burnout that many healthcare professionals experience. A hectic work environment, staff shortages, and excessive workload, paired with personal responsibilities, all contribute to clinician burnout.

Our list of the seven best wellness apps for clinicians support overall well-being by offering various tools including cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, guided meditation, fitness plans, and mood and sleep cycle tracking.

Apps focused on wellness for clinicians are great resources to help users cope with burnout and achieve optimal work-life balance. Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash.

What causes clinician burnout?

The combination of workplace demands, emotional intensity, strained schedules, electronic health records, and resource deprivation across many healthcare environments leads to clinician burnout. According to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings publication, a whopping 62.8% of physician participants reported “at least one manifestation of burnout in 2021”.

The journal further notes that only 30% of the surveyed physicians were satisfied with their current work-life balance. Increasing clinician burnout rates have been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent increased work pressure, which makes addressing workplace distress crucial. It is essential to learn how to identify the signs of burnout and find appropriate coping resources.

Wellness apps for clinicians offer guided meditations, fitness tracking, stress management, and mood improvement features. Photo by Benjamin Child on Unsplash.

What should a wellness app include?

A wellness app should include features that positively impact your mental and physical well-being, though those features will vary from user to user depending on their needs. Wellness apps for clinicians need to be accessible, flexible, and convenient to cater to the demanding schedules of healthcare professionals. 

Popular wellness apps for clinicians provide evidence-based resources designed by mental health professionals to combat common burnout aggravators, including emotional distress and workplace pressure. Some of their features offer guided meditation, fitness tracking, nutrition guides, sleep tracking, brain training, and anxiety wellness tools. 

Top 7 wellness apps for clinicians

Choosing wellness apps and resources that will meet your mental and physical health needs and help you achieve a proper work-life balance is crucial. All the clinician wellness apps on our top seven list are well-recognized, with seamless user experiences and large user bases. Our combined selection of apps offers a comprehensive list for clinicians who want to use multiple apps to improve many areas of their mental and physical health.  


Tonic App

Tonic App is a free application designed by doctors for doctors. It is used by more than 111 000 doctors, and recognized by Forbes, The Europas Tech Startup Awards, and SaaStr.  The app's primary purpose is to help doctors diagnose and care for patients. However, it also offers a discussion platform and community for doctors to interact with each other and get second opinions. You can also use Tonic App for the latest medical news and clinical tools.



Moodfit is a mental fitness app that helps users improve their mood and overall well-being through mindfulness exercises, daily activities, and personalized resources. It also helps users build awareness of aspects that impact their daily mood. Its tools help users build resilience, de-stress, get motivated, avoid procrastination, and dispute cognitive distortions. Moodfit currently offers memberships from $19.99 to $99.99.



Headspace is a guided meditation and sleep aid app that offers monthly plans from $5.83 to $12.99. This app helps manage stress with mindfulness exercises and meditation. It also offers workout guides and sleep relaxation tracks to balance your life from morning to night. 



MapMyWalk is a walking and running training app that provides custom workout plans and physical challenges. This app is excellent for clinicians looking to get active with easy workout tracking and training plans. The app helps you gradually reach your running or walking milestones and costs between $2.50 to $5.99 per month. Staying physically active plays a significant role in your overall well-being. 


7 Cups

7 Cups is a free online therapy and listener app where you can chat with trained listeners for emotional support. The chats are confidential and great for clinicians who need an active listener. It also offers counseling and therapy for $150 per month with licensed therapists.



myStrength provides evidence-based techniques and resources for stress management and positive thinking. The app offers tools to help deal with depression, sleep troubles, and anxiety. Its users can benefit from meditation, emotion balancing, sleep improvement, anxiety management, and emotional health support tools. The myStrength app also provides access to licensed therapists seven days a week. Check with your employer or insurance plans to find out if you are eligible for this app. 


Woebot Health

Woebot Health is a free app that uses techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy to help users manage depression, anxiety, and stress. The app offers a chatbot powered by natural language processing which you can use for daily conversations or to get recommendations for clinically tested tools and tactics. It provides actionable advice at a moment’s notice and can help boost confidence and gain emotional clarity. 


These apps are valuable wellness self-guides that can help you manage your daily stressors and live a balanced life. However, although they are helpful, these apps should not be considered a substitute for professional mental healthcare. 

For clinicians looking for other wellness training options, Medmastery offers a Burnout Prevention Masterclass for clinicians and a Resilience Masterclass: 10 Critical Skills course. These courses are taught by experts in psychology and neuroscience and are designed to help you in your daily clinical work.