Shelley Jacobs, PhD


Theresa Fail

Vascular science lecturer

Elizabeth Tenny, BS RVT RDCS

Vascular sonographer

Cristiana Monteiro, BSc (Hons)

Cardiac Physiologist

Marcello Na


David Flick, MD

Hafsa Abdiraham is a Medical Writer with a MPH in Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

Hafsa Abdirahman, MPH

Staff writer
Amol Shrikhande

Amol Shrikhande, MD

Nephrologist and Content Writer

Jessica Phillips, MD

Teacher Recruitment Manager

Laura Pacey, PhD

Lead Course Manager

Mag. Brigitte Mair, BA

Head of Course Design / Art Director

Nathanael Betz

Production Manager and Video Coach

Paul Scheidegger, MD


Cara Mercer

Chief Cardiac Physiologist

Stephen R. Holt, MD

Addiction Medicine Specialist

Samir Sulemane, PhD FEACVI

Cardiac Imaging Lecturer

Michael Hartung, MD