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Tracy Tylee, MD

Tracy is an Associate Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Washington, and Program Director for the Endocrinology Fellowship Program.
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University of Washington

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I am an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, having completed my Residency at the University of California San Diego, and my Fellowship in Metabolism and Diabetes at the University of Washington. I first discovered my love of teaching as a rowing coach and I have continued to nurture that passion as a clinical educator. When I’m not teaching endocrinology at the medical school, I’m home teaching my twin boys to be good people (and they are teaching me how to make Star Wars ships out of Lego).

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Utilizing incretins in type 2 diabetes

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Learn to identify lab patterns consistent with subclinical hyperthyroidism and what to do about it.
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How to identify subclinical hypothyroidism

Learn how to identify subclinical hypothyroidism.
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How amiodarone affects thyroid function

Learn how amiodarone affects thyroid hormones and how to monitor them long-term.
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