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Siamak Moayedi, MD

Siamak is an Associate Professor and Director of Medical Student Education at the University of Maryland and Course Director, Essential and Critical Procedures, Emergency Medicine.
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I’m an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of Medical Student Education at the University of Maryland. As an expert in medical student education, difficult IV access research, and invasive medical procedure education, I write and speak internationally about these topics. I direct two CME procedure courses and serve on the Education Committee for American Academy of Emergency Medicine.

Latest articles with Siamak

Performing cricothyrotomy

In this video from our Emergency Procedures Masterclass (Part 2), we'll review the steps for this life-saving procedure and teach you how to make the correct incisions (with the right scalpels), how to safely hold the cricothyroid complex while you're cutting, and how to check that you've properly placed the tube.
25th Oct 2020 • 1m read

Reducing a shoulder dislocation with the Cunningham technique

In this video, from our Emergency Procedures Masterclass (Part 2), we take a look at how the Cunningham technique works, why it won't work on every patient, and a step-by-step account of how to perform this procedure.
25th Sep 2020 • 3m read

Diagnosing priapism

In this video, we discuss the details of priapism, starting with the anatomy of the penis and the causes of ischemic priapism.
25th Aug 2020 • 3m read

Draining a Bartholin's abscess

In this video, you'll learn the procedure and tools required for draining a Bartholin’s gland abscess, when to prescribe antibiotics, and what technique to use when the abscess is too large. 
25th Aug 2020 • 3m read

Diagnosing a shoulder dislocation

In this video, we'll review the mechanism behind a shoulder dislocation, the features that will help you to identify it during a physical exam, and how to use an x-ray to both confirm your diagnosis and document any pre-reduction fractures.
25th Aug 2020 • 4m read

Tapping the knee

In this video, we'll cover the anatomy of the knee, the ideal positioning of a patient's leg to avoid discomfort, and the needle approach for knee arthrocentesis.
25th Aug 2020 • 3m read

Central venous access—placing an Easy IJ

In this video, you'll learn how to master the Easy IJ technique for rapid internal jugular vein cannulation.
11th Nov 2018 • 3m read

How to do a lumbar puncture

Master the lumbar puncture to help you diagnose a brain bleed or infection in an emergency situation.
7th Nov 2018 • 2m read

Cardioversion vs defibrillation–performing the procedures

Learn how to perform both of these procedures and make the right choice about which is required, and when.
17th Sep 2018 • 2m read

Mastering video laryngoscopy

Learn how to use a video laryngoscope to intubate a patient, as well as how to avoid common complications.
16th Sep 2018 • 2m read

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