By Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH - 27th Mar 2020 - Blog

Learn how to use a ventilator by tomorrow morning, for free, from the comfort of your home!

As intensive care units around the world struggle under the weight of the COVID-19 crisis, you may be called upon to ventilate patients in the ICU. If you’ve had limited experience ventilating patients (or if it’s been a long time since you’ve done so), you might be concerned about making things worse for patients who are already critically ill.

Here are the free, online accredited classes you’ll receive:

Mechanical Ventilation Essentials

1. Mechanical Ventilation Essentials

37 Video lessons (1h 45m)

Master mechanical ventilation essentials for your first night in the ICU! Learn how to make adjustments, fine-tune ventilator settings, and get your patient ready for extubation.

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2. Mechanical Ventilation Essentials Workshop

10 Cases (self-paced)

Practice managing the breathing requirements of patients in respiratory distress, decide when to intubate and wean, and identify when settings need to be changed quickly.

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Noninvasive Ventilation Masterclass

3. Noninvasive Ventilation Masterclass

36 Video lessons (1h 30m)

Learn about the indications for NIV, initiation and optimization, how to monitor patients on NIV, and how to wean them from it.

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Blood Gas Analysis Essentials

4. Blood Gas Analysis Essentials

32 Video lessons (1h 45m)

Master arterial blood gas analysis based on an understanding of relevant physiological principles. You’ll cover the crucial factors that determine the oxygenation of blood in the lungs, as well as oxygen transport and delivery to peripheral tissues. 

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Acid-Base Essentials

5. Acid-Base Essentials

23 Lessons (1h 06m)

Learn a simple, four-step approach that will help you to solve any acid-base problem without memorization or complicated math. 

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6. Acid-Base Essentials Workshop

10 Cases (self-paced)

Practice solving advanced, acid-base cases using the four-step assessment algorithm taught in the Acid-Base Essentials course. 

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Learning how to use a ventilator involves 4.5 hours of classwork, proficiency assessments, and self-paced medical cases that help you to practice your skills. With these six courses, you can become a skilled ventilation operator and receive a completion certificate in just one afternoon!

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