By Cathy West, M.Sc, FASE - 20th May 2019 - Course previews

Evaluating coarctation repairs

Stenting is the preferred form of repairing a coarctation but not every situation is suited to this procedure. There are three possible outcomes after a coarctation repair–and only one of those is a good one. In this video from our Echo Masterclass—Adult Congenital Heart Disease, you'll learn about what can go wrong after a coarctation repair, how to evaluate a repair long after it's been done, and important things to keep in mind.

Flustered at the thought of performing an adult congenital echo? Don’t be. In our Echo Masterclass—Adult Congenital Heart Disease course, you’ll learn about the lesions associated with common types of defects as well as common surgical repair complications. Explore the hemodynamics of intracardiac defects, master key assessment strategies such as the sequential segmental approach, and know what to leave out of the echo report.

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