By Cathy West, M.Sc, FASE - 29th Apr 2019 - Course previews

Diagnosing double-chambered right ventricles

A double-chambered right ventricle (DCRV) occurs when the right ventricle is divided by anomalous muscle bundles. In this video from our Echo Masterclass: Congenital heart disease course, you'll learn about why DCRVs occur, how non-standard views can help to separate overlapping signals, and other tricks you can use to help you make a sound diagnosis using echo.

Flustered at the thought of performing an adult congenital echo? Don’t be. In our Echo Masterclass—Adult Congenital Heart Disease course, you’ll learn about the lesions associated with common types of defects as well as common surgical repair complications. Explore the hemodynamics of intracardiac defects, master key assessment strategies such as the sequential segmental approach, and know what to leave out of the echo report.


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