By Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH - 21st Oct 2015 - Course previews

Medmastery’s chest x-ray algorithm—a systematic approach for evaluating any chest x-ray

So you're looking at a patient's chest x-ray and you've identified an abnormality–great! But how do you make sure you're not missing something else? In this video, from our Chest X-ray Essentials course, you'll master a powerful step-by-step algorithm that'll make sure you never miss a significant problem again.

This video was taken from our Chest X-ray Essentials course. If you want to watch all the teaching videos that lead up to the algorithm, then take the course and register for the Medmastery membership.

Make sure to download the chest x-ray algorithm below!

Download—chest x-ray algorithm

In case you still haven’t seen the other free chest x-ray videos, here they are again:

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