By Amol Shrikhande, MD - 4th Aug 2021 - The Medmastery show

10 Awesome (Tolerable) Songs About Doctors

This physician singing into his stethoscope knows a few songs about doctors

At Medmastery, we take our role in medical education seriously. But we also like to have a little fun. If you receive our free weekly Intelligent Thursday newsletter, you know that our CEO, Franz Wiesbauer, recently shared his phenomenal Spotify playlist. On Medmastery’s Our Team page, you can see that our technical wizard, Alex Maier, used to look like a rockstar—he has sadly since cut his hair, but he now has an awesome beard. And our performance marketing manager, Michael Taborsky, previously used his serious photography skills to document the work of several European bands. The bottom line is we love music. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of 10 songs about doctors. Some are awesome—some are better described as tolerable. Given the international nature of our company, we kept


Cold Cold Cold by Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant formed in the USA in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but they’ve since relocated to England. They’ve won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album a couple times, most recently in 2020. In this tune, vocalist Matt Shultz requests medical help because “something don’t feel right.”


Doctor Robert by The Beatles

This band obviously needs no introduction, but the song might. Found on their seventh album Revolver and overshadowed by songs like Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine, the track pays respect to a physician who works for the National Health Service in the UK. Something tells us this physician was providing more than just ibuprofen.


Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine by the White Stripes

Formed in the quintessential American city of Detroit (a.k.a the Motor City), the White Stripes are best known for Seven Nation Army, which now serves as an anthem at sports venues throughout the world. On this particular track, lead singer Jack White doesn’t explicitly mention doctors, but he does repeatedly mention acetaminophen and gives a shout out to the placebo (sugar pill), comfortably earning a spot on the list.


Dr. Nahtlos, Dr. Sägeberg und Dr. Hein by Reinhard Mey

Reinhard Mey hails from Berlin and has had a tremendously prolific career. While our German-speaking colleagues haven’t exactly endorsed this song, they have definitely confirmed that it’s about doctors, further supported by the title and hilarious video.


El Niágara en Bicicleta by Juan Luis Guerra

We have verified from the members of our team in Argentina and Spain that this song has a prominent medical theme—something about the hospital receptionist playing the lotto, the doctors having left already, and the serum being used to sweeten coffee. The Dominican singer-songwriter Juan Luis Guerra wrote the piece as a commentary on the suboptimal healthcare system in his native country.


Doctor, Doctor by The Who

Okay, by the standards of The Who, this tune is not particularly majestic. In other words, it’s not exactly Baba O’Riley or Behind Blue Eyes, but it is a plea for help to a doctor, so it made the list.


Dear Doctor by the Rolling Stones

As you can see, there’s a common theme here. Apparently iconic British bands decided that the songs they wrote about doctors would be in the lower half of their portfolio at best. The Rolling Stones were no exception, using this tune as filler material on their album Beggars Banquet.


Docteur by Jäde

A good chunk of our team is based in Canada, and even though the majority is in the English-speaking part of the country, we had to roll with a little French. This song is by a relative newcomer to the French music scene. She’s requesting a doctor to assist with her heartbreak, all the while drowning her sorrows in the Tinder App and eating Kinder (we’re assuming that means the chocolate product).


Like a Surgeon by “Weird Al” Yankovic

“Weird Al” has made a career of creating parodies of hit songs. In this case, he turned a well-known track by Madonna into a jam about a surgical intern who, it could be said, isn’t the most competent.


Call the Doctor by Funkadelic

Of all the songs about doctors on this list, this one is definitely towards the higher end in terms of musicianship. Funkadelic was a funk rock band led by George Clinton, also the frontman for the band’s sister act Parliament. In this tune, they give a shout out to Dr Funk.


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