We love what we do

We are passionate about teaching, and that shows in our courses. Get to know our team and learn why we love what we do.

Our mantra—everyone is a clinician!

Medmastery isn’t just an e-learning company. And you aren’t just an e-learning specialist, instructional designer, editor, web developer, media specialist, or project manager. We are all working in medicine; we are all clinicians at Medmastery!

We start with the "Why?"

Our actions are driven by the mission to improve the health of millions. 

If you want to learn more about the Golden Circle, watch Simon Sinek's inspiring TED talk

Our why

We want to improve the health of millions.

How we do what we do

We empower clinicians.

What we do

We produce online courses and case-based workshops on the most important clinical skills.

Our core values


Our mission is to empower clinicians. We do this by ensuring that we are a team of empowered individuals.

Life-long learning

We're a group of avid learners who love to keep improving what we do.

Innovation and creativity

We like to challenge the status quo by using creativity and innovation to continuously improve education.


Trust is paramount within our team, in our collaborations with our teachers, and in our promise to provide quality content to our learners.


We get stuff done, and we are not afraid of making mistakes and learning from them. 


We embrace a culture of fun and joy, where we can openly share things about ourselves and our lives with each other that are not work-related.

Medmastery Playbook

The Medmastery Playbook

  • Why we do what we do.
  • How we work and how that will change the world of medical education.

We are a global remote team

Join the global community of medical professionals who trust Medmastery! We were founded in 2014 by an MD in Austria and are powered by a diverse team of 70+ creators from 15 different countries. Our in-depth courses, available in English with subtitles, offer an international perspective on medical training.

Meet our CEO and founder Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH

Franz created the platform that he wished he would have had when he was a resident in medical training. He noticed the bottleneck in learning echo when he was training at the Medical University of Vienna. Medmastery is the platform he dreamed of that now teaches the most powerful clinical skills to practicing clinicians.

Franz is an internist with a specialization in cardiology. After attending medical school, he completed his master’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins University as a Fulbright student. He is an avid learner, passionate about teaching, and loves breaking down difficult concepts into easy-to-digest bites so that everyone can understand them.