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Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
24th Jan 2018 • 2m read
Medmastery is looking for pieces that help physicians become the best doctors they can be. We consider articles that fall into at least one of the following four categories:
  1. Personal development– this category brings together articles that focus on the pursuit of personal excellence. Whilst this category would typically fall into the “self-help” class of writing, we expect that contributions submitted under this category will provide a deep level of value to doctors that cannot be found elsewhere. Puff pieces, simple “listicles" and articles that do not relate to medical professionals in some way will not be accepted.
  2. Professional development– articles falling under this category focus on the development of skills, knowledge and insights that will help our readers (i.e. physicians) become better at what they do. We expect these pieces to be fully referenced and rely upon high-quality publications to back up any clinical claims made.
  3. Career development– this category focuses on helping physicians navigate the ins and outs of a successful medical career. Here, the focus is on pieces that will offer insights that relate to developing a successful medical career; be that in clinical medicine or outside of it.
  4. Opinion Pieces– this category is reserved for thought leaders within the medical space who can offer insightful perspectives within their area of expertise. We are looking for high-quality pieces from academics, medical entrepreneurs, influencers, medical executives or experts that can provide an interesting argument or perspective about a topic that physicians would likely be interested in.
We are happy to include ONE link back to your personal site in the bio section of each blog post. However, we will NOT accept any submissions that have clearly been submitted for the purpose of obtaining backlinks. Each article must be unique and of a high-quality.
Note: All submissions should be written in the English language at a native or near-native level.
To pitch a story idea or a piece that has already been written up, please contact us at [email protected].