By Franz Wiesbauer, MD, MPH - 3rd Jul 2019 - The Medmastery show

Meet the world's youngest medical student

medical student

11-year-old doctor-to-be. Photo supplied by parents. 

We all remember our career dreams as kids; from singers to astronauts, lawyers and doctors, it wasn’t difficult to spend hours day-dreaming about a future that still had a while to come. But for Benedict Wy, daydreaming is for amateurs. 

The 11-year old Australian boy has not only found his dream career in medicine, but he’s already started taking online medical courses to prepare him for the role. Whilst on holiday in December last year, 11-year-old Ben stumbled on the medical education platform Medmastery and was immediately hooked. Medmastery is a training platform where doctors and medical students can learn essential clinical skills like ECG, chest X-ray, ultrasound and more. Each night, after a long hard day of sightseeing, he’d log on to Medmastery to work through various subjects, take interactive quizzes, repeat the process again and again until he’d get 100%. 

“We were pretty shocked when Ben’s mother first reached out to us,” says Medmastery CEO, Franz Wiesbauer. “She wanted us to know that her son was spending hours a day learning on our platform and wanted to thank us. It was pretty surreal. Benedict became an instant celebrity in our office.”

Described by his mother as a quiet child who likes to read, he spends his free time reading about the human body and watching the TV show “Operation Ouch”, a show hosted by two doctors, that's “informational...[and] talks about medical things and fish” he adds. 

Though Medmastery’s online courses and workshops are built for practising clinicians, our unique, easy-to-digest short courses based on high-quality graphics break complex concepts down into lessons that even pre-teen polymaths can (sort of) understand.

With dozens of courses covering everything from ECG mastery and ultrasound, to hematology and cardiac MRI, Medmastery focuses on teaching the 20% of clinical skills that clinicians will need to solve 80% of clinical problems. In other words, we cut out the fluff and only teach what is truly relevant for real-world decision-making.

Wy says the most interesting thing he's learned through the courses is "how infections work and...use the body to multiply...and how the immune system works… like which cells and body parts are used to defeat the normal infection." 

His favourite courses were the Diabetes Mellitus Masterclass, Viral Hepatitis Lab Essentials as well as the Exercise Stress ECG Essentials

“I think he understands quite a lot because there are the pictures… it’s not boring for him, so he absorbs a lot of information that way,” says Silviane Wy, Ben’s mother. 

“I think...the program of Medmastery is very easy to understand. It’s not because he is understanding more than other people [sic]. It’s catchy and it’s easy to remember because of the pictures and everything is so clear. So yes, we love it.” 

Like most other 11-year olds, Benedict is still not really sure what he wants to be when he grows up. That’s where you come in. Mentors play a vital role in the development of every doctor–including aspiring ones.

Are you a doctor and interested in mentoring Ben? Please let us know here.