By Amer Wahed, MD FRCPath - 13th Apr 2021 - Course previews

Measuring serum creatinine

A normal plasma creatinine level does not necessarily mean that renal function is normal. In this video from our Kidney Function Test Essentials course, we'll take a look at the physiology of creatinine, what we need to consider when interpreting creatinine levels, and why GFR is not always an accurate reflection of kidney function. 

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Master the ins and outs of kidney function tests! Order and interpret these tests with complete confidence, knowing that you’ve conquered this critical skill. Taking a shotgun approach to kidney function testing can be tempting, if nephrology isn't your forte. By the end of this course, however, you’ll be comfortable ordering and interpreting all of the common kidney function tests. You’ll understand the clinical implications of abnormalities seen on these tests and be able to form a practical plan of action.

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