Interprofessional communication strategies for clinicians

Explore evidence-based strategies to navigate challenging workplace interactions, master effective interprofessional communication, and foster better relationships with colleagues.

Hayden Richards, MD MBBS FACEM MPhil
Hayden Richards, MD MBBS FACEM MPhil
19th Sep 2023 • 1m read
An introduction to Communication with Colleagues in a clinical setting with Dr. Hayden Richards

Turn challenging interactions into opportunities for growth, and reduce stress and toxicity in your professional environment. Our teacher, Hayden Richards, MBBS FACEM, will provide practical tips for clearer communication when working in the medical field.

In this course, you will:

  • Explore how interprofessional communication impacts your performance, well-being, and even patient safety.
  • Discover evidence-based principles, frameworks, and skills that will empower you to navigate difficult workplace interactions with confidence.

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