How to address conflict in clinical settings

Learn how to turn workplace conflicts into opportunities for growth using a practical, four-part process. Explore expert conflict resolution strategies and gain other valuable insights in this lesson.

Hayden Richards, MD MBBS FACEM MPhil
Hayden Richards, MD MBBS FACEM MPhil
19th Sep 2023 • 2m read
How to address conflict in clinical settings with Dr. Hayden Richards

Are workplace conflicts damaging relationships and causing you stress? In this video, Hayden Richards, MBBS FACEM, unveils a powerful strategy to transform conflict into a constructive force for change and growth.

Here's a sneak peek of what you’ll learn about in this video:

  • Understand conflict: Discover why conflict is a natural part of any workplace and how our perception of it can be reshaped.   
  • The four-part process: Learn a practical approach influenced by the wisdom of clinical psychologists Marshall Rosenberg and Thomas Gordon. 
  • Observation: Articulate your observations of another person's behavior, focusing on raw data. 
  • Expression of feelings: Express your true feelings in a situation, fostering vulnerability and open communication. 
  • Identify unmet needs: Connect your feelings to unmet needs, allowing for self-awareness and empathy. 
  • How to make specific requests: Request a change in behavior, using non-threatening language for effective communication. 
  • Real-life application: Contextual examples will guide you through each step of the process.

Mastering this technique will lead to more productive and harmonious workplace interactions. 

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