Chapter 1

Before you begin

Here you will learn why you would run a stress test, and about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of stress tests.
5 Lessons (9m 59s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

 Recording stress ECGs—pearls and pitfalls

In this chapter you will learn how, and when, to record the ECGs, tips and tricks for obtaining optimal ECGs, and how to manage common issues that arise.
  • Obtaining a baseline
  • Managing artifacts
  • Recording ECGs during stress
  • Recording ECGs during recovery
  • Recording stress ECGs—pearls and pitfalls quiz
5 Lessons (21m 04s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Interpreting stress ECGs

In these lessons we will teach you how to interpret your ECGs and write clear and comprehensive reports.
  • Recognizing ST segment changes
  • Identifying a positive test
  • Reporting ECG results
  • Interpreting stress ECGs quiz
4 Lessons (13m 52s), 1 Quiz