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Michael is an Associate Professor of Abdominal Imaging and Intervention at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, USA.
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Why I love to teach

I am a senior radiologist in a tertiary care hospital and an academic. My area of expertise is abdominal radiology, and I regularly teach medical students, residents, and fellows. I am also an editor at Radiopaedia and founder of the interactive educational website, and I volunteer as a teleradiologist in mission hospitals in Kenya and Peru.  

Latest articles with Michael

Reviewing bladder injuries on CT

Bladder injury often accompanies fractures or bleeding from high velocity trauma. Learn how to use imaging to diagnose it and choose the right treatment.
8th Aug 2022 • 1m read

Evaluating bowel and mesenteric trauma on CT

Bowel injury often cannot be detected directly—but indirect signs are very important because the patient may need surgery. Learn more about diagnosing bowel and mesenteric injury on CT scans from our expert.
8th Aug 2022 • 1m read

Investigating pelvic fractures on CT

About 10% of fractures in blunt trauma patients are pelvic fractures. Watch this short video and learn how to diagnose those fractures on CT from our expert radiologist.
8th Aug 2022 • 1m read

Diagnosing spleen, liver, and pancreatic injuries on CT

Blunt abdominal trauma most commonly leads to spleen and liver injuries. Learn more about diagnostic solid abdominal organ injury with the help of CT.
8th Aug 2022 • 1m read

Identifying solid organ injuries on CT

Trauma is the leading cause of death worldwide. Learn more about the role CT imaging plays in trauma patient care.
8th Aug 2022 • 1m read

Diagnosing colon cancer on abdominal CT

While colonoscopy is the standard diagnostic test for colorectal cancer, CT plays a role as a staging tool. In this video, you’ll find out what the apple core lesion is and how to recognize hepatic metastases from colon cancer.
3rd May 2022 • 1m read

Diagnosing small bowel obstruction on abdominal CT

Small bowel obstruction needs a quick diagnostic workup because the patient may need emergency surgery (e.g., when ischemia or perforation are present). In this video, you’ll learn how to recognize small bowel obstruction in a CT study by identifying the three key imaging features.
3rd May 2022 • 1m read

Detecting diverticulitis on abdominal CT

When an older patient presents with fever and left lower quadrant pain, a very probable cause for these symptoms is diverticulitis. To be sure, you need to confirm your diagnosis with imaging. This video summarizes the key CT features of both uncomplicated diverticulitis and diverticulitis with perforation.
3rd May 2022 • 1m read

Identifying acute appendicitis on abdominal CT

Abdominal CT is the most reliable imaging method to diagnose appendicitis. In this video, you’ll learn the three key imaging features of both uncomplicated appendicitis and appendicitis with perforation. You’ll also see an expert radiologist review a real CT study of a patient with appendicitis.
3rd May 2022 • 1m read

Ordering the right abdominal CT study for cancer staging

Some cancer types, such as pancreas adenocarcinoma or renal cell carcinoma, require a multiphasic CT study for staging. This video explains why it's important to review both the late arterial phase and the portal venous phase for some cancers.
25th Apr 2022 • 1m read

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