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Julian Dobranowski, MD FRCPC FCAR

Chief of Diagnostic Imaging at Niagara Health in Ontario, Canada. Professor and Chair of the Department of Radiology, McMaster University.
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McMaster University

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I am a professor and chair of the Department of Radiology at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. I am also the founding director of the Centre for Radiological Anatomy Skills Lab, which incorporates imaging technologies into undergraduate and postgraduate learning. I also serve as the Provincial Clinical Lead for the Cancer Imaging Program at Cancer Care Ontario.

Latest articles with Julian

How to differentiate between low- and high-quality chest x-rays

Discover the five key identifying factors which will help you to distinguish between low- and high-quality chest x-rays.
17th Jan 2020 • 6m read

How to identify pneumothorax on a chest x-ray

Identify when pleura is abnormal and the key radiological signs of pneumothorax.
6th Mar 2018 • 4m read

Common pathologies of the trachea and bronchi

Learn what signs to look for on a chest x-ray to determine whether something's wrong.
30th Jan 2018 • 4m read

Radiological zones—an introduction to landmarks

Learn how to identify the major anatomical regions on a chest x-ray.
10th Jan 2018 • 3m read

The different types of x-ray examinations

Identify the different types of chest x-ray examinations and when to order them.
6th Dec 2017 • 4m read

Getting into the chest x-ray (part 4)—how pathology changes the grayscale

In this video, Julian Dobranowski, MD will teach you how pathology can change the grayscale of the image.
19th Oct 2015 • 3m read

Getting into the chest x-ray (part 3)—the importance of shapes and key landmarks

In this video from our Chest X-ray Essentials course, you will learn how shapes and structures are formed on a chest x-ray.
16th Oct 2015 • 4m read

Getting into the chest x-ray (part 2)—the importance of overlap

If you want to become really good at reading chest x-rays, you need to know how borders are formed. In this video from our Chest X-ray Essentials course, you will learn how separate anatomical structures in the thorax interact to create an image.
15th Oct 2015 • 5m read

Getting into the chest x-ray (part 1)—the importance of grayscale

In this video, you will learn how different tissue densities create different shades of gray on a chest x-ray. You’ll learn what air, soft tissue, bone, and metal look like on the x-ray and why that is important.
13th Oct 2015 • 3m read

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