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Daphne H. Knicely, MD MEHP

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Virginia (UVA) School of Medicine and UVA Dialysis Physician Lead for Home Therapies.
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Why I love to teach

I am an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. I hold leadership roles as Quality Officer and Physician Lead for Home Therapies Dialysis within UVA, an innovative academic health system in Virginia. My primary interest is in patient education, and over the years I have managed to secure funding to help establish several patient education programs.

Latest articles with Daphne

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In this video, from our Dialysis Essentials course, you'll discover the differences between two types of dialysis, how they both work, and how to adjust dialysis prescriptions.
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Identifying common hemodialysis access complications

In this video, we'll explore some of the common, non-infectious vascular access complications that are associated with hemodialysis, and how to resolve them.
9th Feb 2020 • 4m read

Getting a grasp of peritoneal dialysis

In this video, we'll take an in-depth look at how peritoneal dialysis works, how it differs from hemodialysis, some important considerations when using it, and which patients should not be using peritoneal dialysis.
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Recognizing a hemodialysis fistula and graft infections

In this video, from our Dialysis Essentials course, we'll cover the various cannulation techniques used with dialysis patients, the levels of risk posed (in terms of developing infections), and what to do if an infection develops.
20th Jan 2020 • 3m read

How a dialysis machine works

Learn about the major components of a hemodialysis machine in two categories—the blood circuit and the dialysate circuit.
20th Jan 2020 • 4m read

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