I have a PhD in Medical Sciences and twelve years of research experience investigating the developmental cell biology of a variety of diseases including hypertension, Parkinson’s disease, fragile X and autism, and leukemia. Along the way, I discovered a passion for teaching and a desire to help make the complex beautifully simple.

So, in 2015, I joined Medmastery as a Course Manager...and, in just over three years, I refined our course development process and helped Medmastery grow from our small founding team into the large family it is today. In 2019, I transitioned to our small, but growing, Marketing Department and established Medmastery's Clinical Guides, as the Editor in Chief of our public-facing digital and ePDF text-based clinical content. In 2021, I transitioned once again, to my current position of Consultant, supporting various new and ongoing projects throughout Medmastery.

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