Treat common OB / GYN conditions and know when to request an urgent consultation

Are you a little bit rusty when it comes to pelvic exams and OB / GYN diagnoses? No worries, our OB / GYN Emergencies course has you covered!

Tori O’Daniel, MD FACOG
Tori O’Daniel, MD FACOG
25th Jul 2023 • 1m read
How to manage OB/GYN emergencies in ER and primary care settings

Every day, you see dozens of patients in your ER or primary care practice, but when a patient presents with pelvic pain or abnormal vaginal bleeding it sends you to the phone ready to call for an OB / GYN consult. Not so fast—with a little more knowledge, you can triage and manage many of these patients on your own! Tori O'Daniel, MD FACOG, is here to give you the tools to confidently handle OB / GYN emergencies in hemodynamically stable patients and identify which patients need an urgent consult or higher levels of care.

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Crack the code of OB / GYN emergencies! In this course, you will learn how to perform thorough pelvic exams, recognize the symptoms of abnormal uterine bleeding, assess ectopic pregnancies, and more. 

You will master the treatment of non-critical issues, and quickly recognize patients who need an emergent consultation.