Time Management for Clinicians with Dr Alexander Ghanem

Learn how to better manage your time! Gain practical techniques to help you prioritize urgent tasks, delegate, and find a healthier work-life balance as a busy clinician.

Alexander Ghanem, MD
Alexander Ghanem, MD
19th Dec 2023 • 1m read

We all have that colleague who gets everything done, is always positive, and thrives as a clinician. But how do they do that without getting stuck in the hamster wheel of everyday tasks and responsibilities? 

In this course, we'll equip you with the skills to manage your time efficiently, assess focus, delegate effectively, and strike a work-life balance. You will master precise task prioritization, decode the difference between urgency and importance, and boost productivity through proven techniques. Get unstuck and move into the driver's seat!

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Do you ever wish for more hours in the day?  We unveil the art of time management for busy clinicians. In this course, you’ll learn to assess focus, delegate, and find work-life balance. Prioritize tasks with precision, decode the puzzle of what is urgent versus important, and amplify your productivity with proven techniques. Your journey to reclaim time starts here!