By Gary R. Simonds, MD MHCDS FAANS - 19th Mar 2021 - Course previews

Realistic optimism—a key to burnout prevention

Work can often feel like a series of crises, piling all over each other and burying us underneath. It can feel like there's no way out! But it doesn't have to be this way. Resilient people tend to face the same world, the same challenges in a day, with realistic optimism. In this video from our Resilience Masterclass: 10 Critical Skills course, you'll learn to recognize the tendency to frame experiences from a pessimistic perspective and, instead, develop an optimistic (yet realistic) approach to your environment.

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Burnout among healthcare professionals is all too common. This course will teach you how to recognize burnout in a healthcare setting and build resilience against it. You’ll learn how to establish a resilience network around you, explore work stressors, and learn tactics to mitigate them. The time-tested strategies you’ll discover will empower you in the face of any challenge that crosses your path!