By Gary R. Simonds, MD MHCDS FAANS - 19th Mar 2021 - Course previews

Preventing burnout in healthcare—taking sanity breaks

Most people in healthcare function at a breakneck pace. We multitask from sunup to sundown and barely give ourselves a breather. In this video from our Resilience Masterclass, you'll learn strategies that can help you to incorporate breaks into your routine, taking some time to detach from the medical world and all of its attendant worries and stressors. 

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Burnout among healthcare professionals is all too common! This course will teach you how to recognize burnout in a healthcare setting and what you can do to build resilience against it. You’ll learn how to establish a resilience network around you, explore workplace stressors, and develop tactics to mitigate the pressures. The time-tested strategies you’ll learn will empower you when facing any challenge that crosses your path.