Medmastery to win Comenius Award 2017!

BREAKING NEWS: Medical online learning platform Medmastery to win prestigious Comenius Award in Berlin. Here’s how Medmastery will turn YOU into a rockstar clinician...

Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
22nd Sep 2017 • 1m read

Last June, we were invited to Berlin to participate at the Comenius EduMedia Awards ceremony held at the European Union Information Center.

The Comenius EduMedia Awards is one of the most important awards for multimedia products in Europe. It’s awarded by the The Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI, non-profit organisation), a scientific society for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics. The award goes out to outstanding projects in the field of digital education.

And guess what...Medmastery received such an award. It’s the second time that we received an award from GPI. The first was in 2013.