By Robert Coni, DO, EdS - 4th May 2019 - Course previews

Evaluating the function of cranial nerves I and II

Understand the anatomical relationships in the organization of CN 1 (olfactory) and CN 2 (optic) so you can recognise lesions affecting them. In this jam-packed video from our Clinical Neurology Essentials course, you'll understand how these cranial nerves mediate sight and smell, the types of lesions that affect them, and how Parksinsons affects a patient's sense of smell. You'll also discover 4 everyday items you should keep in your office to assess olfaction (and the one item you should never use).

Confidently choose and perform the most appropriate neurologic examination for any patient with our Clinical Neurology Essentials course. In this course, you'll learn to master basic and advanced examination skills, neuroanatomy, and the art of asking the right questions so that you can interpret examination findings and localize pathologies with ease. And don't forget to register for a free trial account to access Chapter 1 of this course!