By Pete Yunyongying, MD FACP - 9th Nov 2021 - Course previews

Differentiating pulmonary diseases with inflammatory markers

Systemic inflammatory markers can help us distinguish between inflammatory and non-inflammatory pulmonary conditions, such as pneumonia and congestive heart failure. In this video, we look at which markers to order when you’re not sure whether your patient’s pulmonary condition is inflammatory in nature, why radiographic changes for CHF and pneumonia are not enough to diagnose either, and why routine blood work will miss important diagnostic clues (and what to use instead).

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Clinicians encounter inflammation daily and there are lots of inflammatory markers to consider. Which should you order for your patient? Here, you’ll learn the strengths and limitations of each marker, when they’re useful, and when they’re not. We’ll look at laboratory markers of inflammation as well as radiologic and clinical signs so you can take your diagnostic skills to the next level.