Differentiating cardiogenic shock from other types of shock

Explore the differences between distributive, hypovolemic, and cardiogenic shock. Gain insights into primary insults, compensatory changes, and treatment strategies.

Lorrel E.B. Toft, MD
Lorrel E.B. Toft, MD
3rd Oct 2023 • 1m read
Differentiating cardiogenic shock from other types of shock

Can you confidently differentiate cardiogenic shock from distributive or hypovolemic shock?

In this lesson, our teacher Lorrel E.B. Toft, MD, will show you how to: 

  • Recognize distributive shock and treat it with vasopressors.
  • Identify hypovolemic shock and its primary insult.
  • Differentiate between these three common types of shock based on primary insults and compensatory changes.


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Fluids and vasopressors, that’s the treatment for a patient in shock, right? 

Not if the patient is in cardiogenic shock! 

In this course, you’ll learn how to diagnose cardiogenic shock, that pesky type of shock that isn’t like the others. You’ll also learn the basic principles of hemodynamic management in cardiogenic shock, and how to tailor treatment for each individual patient.