Conducting a virtual cardiopulmonary examination

Discover tools and techniques to evaluate vital signs virtually, plus look for key visual and auditory clues during remote examination to assess your patient’s cardiopulmonary health.

Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD
Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD
13th Nov 2023 • 1m read

When assessing a patient virtually, understanding how to evaluate their cardiopulmonary health without traditional in-person tools is paramount. In this lesson, you will learn the key components of a virtual cardiopulmonary examination. You’ll learn:

  • How to check vital signs
  • How to assess breathing patterns, distress indicators, peripheral vascular health, and adequate perfusion through a visual inspection
  • How to gather crucial information without a stethoscope by listening for signs of respiratory distress and obstructive lung disease
  • How to guide your patient with chest pain through self-palpation

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