By Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH - 9th Mar 2016

Chest X-ray mastery: webinar replay

This is the replay of our recent chest X-ray webinar held January 27th 2016. The teacher of this webinar is award-winning author, Professor Julian Dobranowski MD from Ontario, Canada. It was a great success and people really loved it. So we thought, we’d provide you with an exclusive replay.

In this webinar-replay, you’ll be presented with five highly instructive X-ray cases. During each case, you’ll get the chance to test your knowledge with many self-assessment questions. You’ll then see how an expert with decades of experience would solve it. This is almost like experiencing the actual webinar. This will be a super-valuable learning experience.:

Chest x-ray book

Also, absolutely make sure to check out Julian’s award-winning book entitled “Discover Radiology: Chest X-Ray Interpretation” on Amazon, which is currently available for $99 instead of the regular $159. That’s a 38% discount (available until Thursday March 17th ONLY). If you get the book before Thursday, you’ll be able to use your Amazon receipts as a $99 voucher on the yearly Medmastery membership (just email it to [email protected]).