The benefits of telehealth and telemedicine: a conversation with Dr Camaglia Reznick

Adapt your patient care to the virtual world and confidently perform physical examinations online. Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD, shares her tips and tricks of the trade in our Telehealth Essentials course.

Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD
Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD
13th Nov 2023 • 2m read

Do you struggle with knowing how to take your clinical bedside manner and translate it over a screen? Do you worry that you won’t get all of the necessary information that you need? When performing examinations online, the fear of missing something is normal. That's why we brought in Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD, Clinical Lead of Product at MDLive. With her extensive experience in telehealth, Dr Camaglia Reznick will help you build up your confidence in the following areas: 

  • Telehealth technologies
  • How to prepare yourself and your patient for the visit
  • Knowing what supplies are needed
  • How to improve your virtual bedside manner
  • How to collect the patient's history
  • What red flags to look out for
  • How to get objective information from your patient
  • And much, much more!

Improving your skills with telehealth modalities is valuable and can help you reach patients who are elderly, immobile, live in rural areas, or otherwise may have difficulty getting to their appointment with you. It can be a valuable tool for remote monitoring, triaging, and more. Dr Camaglia Reznick will share the value of telehealth and help you move into the digital age.

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