Adapt your clinical bedside manner to virtual encounters

Enhance your online patient interactions with effective webside manner. Explore essential tips for telemedicine to build patient rapport and ensure smooth communication.

Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD
Stephanie Camaglia Reznick, MD
13th Nov 2023 • 1m read

The telemedicine equivalent of bedside manner is “webside” manner. It is equally important, but often more challenging, as communicating in person tends to be easier than communicating virtually. In this video, you’ll learn:

  1. Bedside manner tips that also apply to telemedicine:
  • Dress and behave professionally
  • Avoid eating or drinking during the visit
  • Ensure you won't be interrupted
  • Start the visit with introductions and inquiries about the patient's well-being
  • Set the agenda for the visit
  • Avoid using confusing medical jargon
  • Employ empathetic statements to build patient relationships
  • Keep an eye on the time to summarize the visit effectively


  1. Webside manner tips specific to telemedicine:
  • Mindfully phrase things in asynchronous visits to avoid misunderstandings
  • Use active listening skills, such as verbal cues
  • Maintain eye contact by looking at the camera during video calls
  • Be mindful of body language on video, avoiding distracting gestures
  • Remember to smile and nod when appropriate to enhance online patient relationships

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