Help your residents master medicine with high-yield medical courses

You’re looking for engaging online education to supplement your curriculum. Without adding more work to your overflowing plate.

With the Medmastery Group Membership, you can offer accredited, high-quality courses to your students. And track their progress with the click of a button.

  • Easily track student engagement

  • New courses added every month

  • World renowned faculty of experts

Turning residents into skilled clinicians is a huge responsibility

And it’s a responsibility that you take seriously. But it’s exhausting to create an engaging curriculum while juggling:

  • Patient care
  • Student needs
  • Mountains of admin, and
  • External requirements from governing bodies

You need to bring your learners up to a similar level of expertise, ensure the blend of academics and hands-on clinical is meshing, and provide education beyond the standard in-house training.

But your teaching is designed for a pre-digital world...and the world has changed.Clinical educators need to move beyond “Death-by-Powerpoint”!

Train your residents to be star performers with hands-on courses that

  • Use evidence-based teaching principles
  • Make learning stick, and
  • Delight your residents


The Medmastery Group Membership

The online, case-based learning platform for Internal Medicine and Family Medicine residents and specialists. Medmastery courses teach specific, clinical skills that your learners can immediately implement in their practice.

As a high-yield supplement to your curriculum, Medmastery:

  • Supports your students

    With cutting-edge pedagogy designed for effortless learning. A world-renowned medical faculty and a focus on practical outcomes enables your students to solve over 90% of their clinical problems with Medmastery courses.
  • Supports you

    With an intuitive ‘plug and play’ platform that lets you track your learners’ progress in a single glance. Set up your group in minutes with the simple dashboard layout. Get assistance anytime from our highly-responsive support team.

Trusted by

Award-winning teaching method

Engaging lessons. Measurable outcomes

Get your students up to speed and your foundational didactics covered. So you can focus on clinical training.

With Medmastery, you can easily measure each students engagement and learning. And your students will get crystal clear on the most important clinical topics, with:

  • Case-based teaching of clinically relevant subjects
  • Over 60 courses, 13+ workshops and webinar recordings
  • Interactive quizzes, perfectly timed to cement learning
  • 243 Real world case workshops to practice
  • Illustrated fact sheets summarize key information to facilitate retention
  • Simple, visually interesting lessons to improve engagement
  • Bite-sized videos that break down complex topics into digestible chunks

Evidence-based teaching principles help your residents become great clinicians. Build the skills and confidence of your students to manage the most common pathologies encountered in clinical practice.

CME accredited and peer reviewed

Top-tier clinical training, globally recognized

Add cutting-edge pedagogy and 57 world-renowned experts to your faculty. Without stretching your resources.

Every Medmastery course is peer-reviewed, so you’ll feel confident the content is high-yield, up-to-date and at the peak of industry standards.

With new, clinically relevant courses added every month, you can easily:

  • Bring your students up to a similar level of expertise
  • Measure and track individual residents performance
  • Catch residents who are falling behind

We’re also recognized as a continuing education platform by authorities around the world. And we provide US (AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM) and European (ECMECs) CME credits to your learners.

Your world-class faculty of experts are also world-class teachers

Every Medmastery teacher is a published subject-matter expert. But experts don’t necessarily make great teachers. So we put them through a rigorous selection process to prove they’re also passionate, engaging educators.

Now we’re proud to present the best online medical faculty from around the globe…

Thumbnail picture of Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
Franz Wiesbauer, MD MPH
Thumbnail picture of Peter Kühn, MD
Peter Kühn, MD
Thumbnail picture of Rainer Oberbauer, MD, MSc
Rainer Oberbauer, MD, MSc
Medizinische Universität Wien
Thumbnail picture of Andrew R. Houghton, MD
Andrew R. Houghton, MD
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Thumbnail picture of Joel Topf, MD
Joel Topf, MD
Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Thumbnail picture of Kristian Webb
Cardiac device specialist
Kristian Webb
International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners
Thumbnail picture of Julian Dobranowski, MD FRCPC
Diagnostic imaging specialist
Julian Dobranowski, MD FRCPC
McMaster University
Thumbnail picture of David G O’Brien, MD FRCP
David G O’Brien, MD FRCP
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Thumbnail picture of Caroline Elton, PhD
Caroline Elton, PhD
Thumbnail picture of Viveta Lobo, MD
Emergency medicine physician
Viveta Lobo, MD
Stanford Medicine
Thumbnail picture of Josh Cosa, MA, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, RCP
Respiratory therapist
Thumbnail picture of Helen Rimington, PhD
Consultant cardiac physiologist
Helen Rimington, PhD
Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
Thumbnail picture of Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, CSP™
Certified speaking professional
Kathleen D. Pagana, PhD, CSP™
Lycoming College
Thumbnail picture of Tracy Tylee, MD
Tracy Tylee, MD
University of Washington
Thumbnail picture of Christopher Dunbar, PhD, MPH, RCEP, FACSM
Kinesiology professor
Christopher Dunbar, PhD, MPH, RCEP, FACSM
Reserved Brooklyn College
Thumbnail picture of Nikolaus Mayr, MD
Nikolaus Mayr, MD
Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder Salzburg
Thumbnail picture of Sara Damewood, MD
Emergency medicine physician
Sara Damewood, MD
University of Wisconsin
Thumbnail picture of Ronak Rajani, MD FESC FRCP FSCCT
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust
Thumbnail picture of Anna Wonnerth, MD
Laboratory medicine specialist
Anna Wonnerth, MD
University of Vienna
Thumbnail picture of John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FACC, FSCCT
John A. Rumberger, PhD, MD, FACC, FSCCT
Princeton Longevity Center
Thumbnail picture of Amer Wahed, MD FRCPath
Amer Wahed, MD FRCPath
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Thumbnail picture of Peter Croft, MD
Emergency medicine physician
Peter Croft, MD
Maine Medical Center
Thumbnail picture of David Mackenzie, MD CM
Emergency medicine physician
David Mackenzie, MD CM
Maine Medical Center
Thumbnail picture of Christopher R. Tainter, MD
Emergency medicine physician
Christopher R. Tainter, MD
University of California
Thumbnail picture of Siamak Moayedi, MD
Emergency medicine physician
Siamak Moayedi, MD
University of Maryland
Thumbnail picture of Michael A. Grippi, MD
Michael A. Grippi, MD
University of Pennsylvania
Thumbnail picture of Robert Coni, DO EdS
Robert Coni, DO EdS
University of South Carolina
Thumbnail picture of Cathy West, M.Sc FASE
Cardiac sonographer
Cathy West, M.Sc FASE
Royal Brompton and Harefield
Thumbnail picture of John F. Fisher, MD MACP FIDSA
Infectious Diseases Specialist
John F. Fisher, MD MACP FIDSA
Augusta University
Thumbnail picture of Michael Allison, MD
Emergency medicine physician
Michael Allison, MD
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Thumbnail picture of Chris Eggett, PhD
Cardiac Physiologist
Chris Eggett, PhD
Newcastle University
Thumbnail picture of Daphne Knicely, MD
Daphne Knicely, MD
Johns Hopkins University
Thumbnail picture of Sabrine Elkhodr
Sabrine Elkhodr
Thumbnail picture of Alexander Mamourian, MD
Alexander Mamourian, MD
Thumbnail picture of Olutayo A. Sogunro, DO
Acute care and trauma surgeon
Olutayo A. Sogunro, DO
Thumbnail picture of Gary R. Simonds, MD MHCDS FAANS
Gary R. Simonds, MD MHCDS FAANS
Thumbnail picture of Michelle Trotter-Mathison, PhD LP LLC
Michelle Trotter-Mathison, PhD LP LLC
Thumbnail picture of Shelley Jacobs, PhD
Shelley Jacobs, PhD
Thumbnail picture of Brian F. Mullan, MD MMEd MS FACR FCCP
Brian F. Mullan, MD MMEd MS FACR FCCP
Thumbnail picture of Theresa Fail
Vascular science lecturer
Theresa Fail
Thumbnail picture of Elizabeth Tenny, BS RVT RDCS
Vascular sonographer
Elizabeth Tenny, BS RVT RDCS
Thumbnail picture of Hafiz Naderi, MBBS BMedSci (Hons) MRCP
Cardiac Imaging Fellow
Hafiz Naderi, MBBS BMedSci (Hons) MRCP
Thumbnail picture of Osamah Alwalid, MBBS, MMed
Osamah Alwalid, MBBS, MMed
Thumbnail picture of John K. Roberts, MD MS MEd
John K. Roberts, MD MS MEd
Thumbnail picture of David Flick, MD
David Flick, MD
Thumbnail picture of Amol Shrikhande, MD
Nephrologist and Content Writer
Amol Shrikhande, MD
Thumbnail picture of Jessica Phillips, MD
Teacher Recruitment Manager
Jessica Phillips, MD
Thumbnail picture of Laura Pacey, PhD
Lead Course Manager
Laura Pacey, PhD
Thumbnail picture of Mag. Brigitte Mair, BA
Head of Course Design / Art Director
Mag. Brigitte Mair, BA

I was a professor of physiology who taught medical students before I decided to become a physician myself, and I have been nothing but amazed with Medmastery…

What Medmastery gets right is a focus on clinical skills rather than pure medical knowledge. That was a gap that was obvious in online medical education. Most sites focus on learning the facts rather than the skills. Medmastery is committed to teaching clinicians HOW to interpret data and master critical clinical aspects rather than how to pass board exams.

The videos are excellent quality and the exercises are challenging and are essential to help reinforce the concepts taught in the videos. I am also thankful that they make this resource available to everyone at an affordable cost. Well done Medmastery team.

— Sarah Street

Intuitive dashboard

Group management, but make it effortless

You’ve got better things to do than learn a new program. So we made a dashboard that’s so simple you’ll know your way around within minutes.

Inviting or removing people from your group? Blissfully straightforward. Tracking your student’s performance and learning outcomes? It’s all right there on the dashboard, including:

  • Courses they've started
  • Accumulated time spent learning
  • Completed quizzes by active group members
  • Completion rates of each course

Better yet, add another account manager to the dashboard to help manage your group. All with the click of a button.

Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences blends Medmastery with their Medical Studies Programme

“I didn’t have the time in the curriculum to teach all the basics. What I’m more interested in is doing practical work with the students”

Dr Wieser implemented Medmastery courses into the Karl Landsteiner University curriculum to cover Internal Medicine fundamentals. Now the University faculty can focus on teaching hands-on skills.

“We’ve incorporated Medmasterys’ ECG and Echocardiography courses into our curriculum. Students have to prepare for class with Medmastery lessons. Then they come to university, get machines and do hands-on practical classes with our teachers...but no theory. The theory is done by Medmastery.”

Dr Wieser believes more senior clinicians can also benefit from Medmastery courses.

“The more we specialize, the more we forget about the rest of the medical world. I'm a cardiologist and all the programs around cardiology get more and more interesting. Because, with Medmastery, it's very easy to get a quick and comprehensive overview of things that I should know but don’t see very often.”

Don’t invest precious resources on outdated
education platforms that frustrate your residents.

Get hands-on clinical training that they can
immediately implement in their practice.

This is what you get with a Medmastery Group Membership:

  • A simple, intuitive group admin dashboard
  • An easy view of each student’s progress
  • New courses added every month
  • Over 60 courses, 13+ workshops and webinar recordings
  • Information that solves 90% of your student’s clinical problems
  • Award-winning teaching methodology
  • World-class teachers from renowned institutions
  • Case-based teaching of clinically relevant topics
  • Interactive, self-assessment quizzes
  • “See how an expert solves this” sections to clear any doubts
  • Real-world case workshops to practice
  • A unique focus on diagnostic reasoning
  • Engaging visual lessons to facilitate retention
  • Relevant fact sheets, downloads, handbooks and handouts
  • High-yield classes available when your students need them
  • Effective educational outcomes
  • CME credit points for your learners
  • A highly-responsive support team

I’ve tried a few options in the past, but this place is where it worked…

The way they deliver the course is fantastic, they do it from an angle which is easy to understand and they have fantastic memorization techniques and print outs. It’s just amazing! I’ve tried a few options in the past, but this place is where it worked…

— Joel Markowitz

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