The ECG Mastery program

The simplest way to learn ECG interpretation.
ECG Hero

Lots of cases to practice

Our case-based teaching approach creates a hands-on, engaging learning experience. Only learn what’s clinically relevant and safely ignore the rest.

Award-winning teaching method

Our straightforward and intuitive visual presentations will help you understand even the most complicated concepts in no time. You’ll understand what we teach without having to memorize anything.

Save time, energy, and money

Don’t waste your energy on complicated textbooks and papers full of theory. Don’t spend your valuable time and money on expensive on-site courses, travel, and accommodation. Instead, learn the most important clinical skills where you want and when you want for a fraction of an on-site course.

Mentorship from our experts

You are not alone in this. Our renowned faculty is here to teach you their tips and tricks. Learn how they solve real-world cases and ask them questions during our webinars.

Learn in a playful way

There’s no need to learn complicated principles and to go through lots of theory just because you want to become an expert. We’ll teach you the most important concepts starting with the basics leading you up to expert level in a playful way.

Become a respected expert

Through our focused program, you’ll soon be able to make better clinical decisions much faster. Your patients and colleagues will love and respect you for it!

Comenius Award

The ECG Mastery program was awarded the Comenius EduMedia Medal, the top teaching award for outstanding digital education from the Society for Pedagogy and Information in Berlin, Germany.

The belt system

Our course will be to you what Mr. Miyagi is to the karate kid—a mentor. Just as in karate, we created a belt system that will help you attain true mastery of the ECG. Here’s what you will get:

Yellow Belt

After completing the
Yellow Belt, you’ll be able to:

  • master the ECG at a basic level
  • follow a case discussion with your colleagues
  • recognize many common and dangerous diseases­
  • start using the ECG in your daily clinical practice

» Find out more about the Yellow Belt courses

Blue Belt

After completing the
Blue Belt, you’ll be able to:

  • master the ECG at an advanced level
  • lead a case discussion
  • diagnose over 95 % of dangerous and common pathologies­
  • recognize the most important rare pathologies

» Find out more about the Blue Belt courses

Black Belt

Once you are in the
Black Belt section, you’ll learn to:

  • teach others
  • diagnose even the most challenging cases

» Find out more about the Black Belt training

Right from the beginning, you can decide where you want to start and where you want to go.

If you are a complete newbie, you’ll want to start with the Yellow Belt. If you already have some prior knowledge of the ECG, you might want to jump right into the Blue Belt section. It’s totally up to you.

The classroom

The ECG Mastery classroom will give you access to over 10 hours of video training taught by renowned experts. Filled with instructive animations and illustrations, you’ll learn how to evaluate the ECG step by step using our systematic approach. Each lecture is accompanied by a handy factsheet, which can be printed out and used for note-taking.

ECG cases & quizzes

Following each classroom video, you’ll get access to a hand-picked selection of interesting and informative ECG cases and multiple-choice questions. These cases are an essential part of the learning experience. After answering the questions, you’ll be able to see how an expert with decades of ECG experience would solve the case.


Case reviews

Learning the ECG is most effective when an experienced teacher explains an actual case using pen and paper, pointing out the diagnostic keys, the pearls and pitfalls, the gems of clinical wisdom. In this course, you’ll get access to a fine selection of hand-picked teaching cases and you will learn how an expert with decades of teaching experience would solve them—just as if he were standing next to you.

The workbooks

The Yellow Belt and the Blue Belt come with companion workbooks that summarize the information contained in the lectures and cases. These e-books are ideal for reviewing purposes or as a quick reference.