Chapter 1

Fistula first

This chapter covers why fistulas are preferred over other types of dialysis access. We also discuss surgical fistula creation, fistula types, and basic fistula flow dynamics.
5 Lessons (14m 54s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

Utilizing ultrasound for fistulas

In this chapter, we’ll introduce the pros and cons of ultrasound and cover interpretation of deep venous thrombosis, vein mapping, and fistula maturing protocols.
  • Pointing out the pros and cons of ultrasound
  • Using 2D and color
  • Using Doppler
  • Evaluating for deep vein thrombosis
  • Mapping for access (part 1)
  • Mapping for access (part 2)
  • Measuring for maturity
  • Utilizing ultrasound for fistulas quiz
8 Lessons (29m 46s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Normal, abnormal, and incidental findings

Here, we’ll cover parameters and velocities used in fistula ultrasound reporting, indications for fistula revascularization, and findings like aneurysms and hematomas.
  • Interpreting a fistula protocol (part 1)
  • Interpreting a fistula protocol (part 2)
  • Poking around complications
  • Normal, abnormal, and incidental findings quiz
  • Ultrasound Masterclass: Dialysis Fistulas outro
5 Lessons (18m 29s), 1 Quiz