Chapter 1

Memory and cognitive load

In this chapter, you will be introduced to working memory, how mental models aid in learning, and how to navigate cognitive load.
4 Lessons (15m 08s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

Extraneous processing

In this chapter, you will learn about extraneous processing, why you should eliminate it as much as possible, and several strategies to help you accomplish this.
7 Lessons (24m 48s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Essential processing

Here, you will learn that essential processing is at the core of learning, as well as several useful techniques to structure your message so that you don’t overwhelm your students.
9 Lessons (26m 49s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

Generative processing

In this chapter, you’ll learn the secret to helping your learners integrate your teaching with prior knowledge—the final and most crucial step in the learning process.
7 Lessons (14m 18s), 1 Quiz