Chapter 1


This chapter will familiarize or re-familiarize learners with a summary of how microbes are able to colonize and infect endocardial surfaces.
6 Lessons (36m 00s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2


In this chapter, we will cover the identifying features of endocarditis on echocardiography and how to assess for risk of embolization.
  • Assessing endocarditis with echocardiography
  • Using echocardiography appropriately
  • Choosing the type of echocardiography
  • Recognizing endocarditis on native valves
  • Imaging endocarditis on prosthetic valves
  • Detecting endocarditis on implanted devices
  • Identifying complications on echocardiography
  • Predicting embolization risk
  • Echocardiography quiz
9 Lessons (34m 20s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3


Here, we will compare and contrast the most recent published guidelines for treatment and prevention with a panel of experts from Europe and America.
  • Using prophylactic treatment
  • Approaching empirical antibiotic treatment
  • Implementing empirical antibiotic treatment
  • Treating staphylococcal endocarditis
  • Treating other specific microorganisms
  • Considering oral step-down therapy
  • Choosing surgery
  • Treatment quiz
  • Endocarditis Masterclass outro
9 Lessons (42m 03s), 1 Quiz