Chapter 1

The basics of CT

How and what you order changes the interpretation of a chest CT. Here, we explore the non-imaging elements of CTs, which will determine whether your clinical questions get answered.
10 Lessons (38m 34s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

A systematic approach to reviewing a CT

A chest CT has a huge amount of data that can be overwhelming. This chapter will teach you an organized algorithmic approach that will help make the review of a CT second nature.
  • Reading a CT systematically
  • Evaluating the mediastinum and chest wall
  • Evaluating the cardiovascular system
  • Evaluating the abdomen
  • Evaluating the lungs
  • Evaluating the bones of the chest
  • Evaluating lines, tubes, and devices
  • A systematic approach to reviewing a CT quiz
8 Lessons (25m 22s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Detailed evaluation of the lung

Lines, dots, fuzzy white stuff—lung CT findings can seem like abstract art. Here, you’ll learn an algorithm of four elements that will clarify patterns and make diagnosis simple.
  • Identifying normal lung anatomy
  • Analyzing linear patterns
  • Analyzing nodular patterns
  • Analyzing increased attenuation
  • Analyzing decreased attenuation
  • Detailed evaluation of the lung quiz
6 Lessons (19m 18s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

The pleura, pleural effusions, and pleural masses

The pleural space is a very active location. This chapter describes how to recognize the various fluid collections, air collections, and masses that can arise there.
  • Recognizing essential pleural anatomy
  • Recognizing different pleural effusions
  • Differentiating pleural masses
  • The pleura, pleural effusions, and pleural masses quiz
4 Lessons (10m 36s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Analyzing common diseases

This chapter applies chest CT findings to seven common diseases and teaches you to recognize important findings that will help guide your clinical management.
  • Managing larger lung nodules
  • Managing smaller lung nodules
  • Lung nodules—putting it all together
  • Differentiating lung infections
  • Seeing what's important in COPD
  • Using chest CT with ARDS patients
  • Evaluating pulmonary edema
  • Evaluating suspected pulmonary emboli with CT
  • Recognizing key CT findings in chronic interstitial lung disease
  • Analyzing common diseases quiz
10 Lessons (40m 27s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 6

Evaluating lung cancer

This chapter will show you how to recognize primary and metastatic disease in the chest, and how to evaluate the most common complications of cancer therapy.
  • Looking for lung cancer
  • Evaluating complications of cancer therapy
  • Evaluating lung cancer quiz
3 Lessons (10m 15s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 7

Chest CT in the COVID-19 pandemic

Chest CT can provide a unique view into the pulmonary manifestations of COVID-19 disease. This chapter discusses where it's helpful, where it's not, and what to look for on CT.
  • Understanding the role of CT
  • Recognizing COVID-19 pneumonia on chest CT
  • Chest CT in the COVID-19 pandemic quiz
  • Chest CT Essentials outro
4 Lessons (12m 48s), 1 Quiz