Chapter 1

General principles of CT

Jump start your journey with a chapter covering the basics of CT. Learn standard CT terminology, how a CT image is generated, and how to perform high-quality cardiac CT scans.
6 Lessons (22m 11s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

CT in cardiology

Learn the ins and outs of cardiac CT. Here, you’ll learn distinguishing features of cardiac CT, how to administer contrast, select the right protocol, and evaluate image artifacts.
  • Specializing in cardiac CT
  • Performing a coronary CT scan
  • Administering contrast in cardiac CT
  • Selecting the appropriate protocol
  • Identifying artifacts in cardiac CT
  • CT in cardiology quiz
6 Lessons (26m 04s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

CT imaging of the heart and coronary circulation

Get to the heart of coronary anatomy in this chapter. Learn how to use CT imaging to identify normal anatomy of the cardiac chambers, coronary arteries, and heart valves.
  • Using multiplanar imaging
  • Identifying normal heart structures
  • Finding the coronary artery origins
  • Recognizing normal coronary artery anatomy
  • Evaluating the aortic valve
  • Evaluating the mitral valve
  • Analyzing left ventricular anatomy
  • Identifying left ventricular pathology
  • Imaging the left atrial appendage and veins
  • Assessing left atrial pathology
  • Identifying the right atrium and coronary venous system
  • Recognizing right heart abnormalities
  • Cardiac and coronary anatomy quiz
13 Lessons (1h 11m 19s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

Assessing coronary artery plaques

Beef up your understanding of coronary artery plaques. We’ll show you how to evaluate coronary artery calcium, stenosis severity, and high-risk plaque features using CT.
  • Scoring coronary artery calcium
  • Recognizing the coronary segments
  • Examining the coronary artery segments
  • How to grade stenosis severity
  • Imaging coronary artery stenoses
  • Evaluating coronary plaque morphology
  • Identifying high-risk plaques
  • Using axial imaging to review coronary arteries
  • Examples of axial imaging
  • Mastering multiplanar reconstruction imaging
  • Using multiplanar reconstruction for plaque assessment
  • Evaluating plaques with curved multiplanar reconstruction
  • Assessing coronary artery plaques quiz
13 Lessons (1h 08m 10s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Advanced coronary artery evaluation

Master advanced coronary artery evaluations in this chapter. Learn how to evaluate coronary stents, bypass grafts, fistulas, and other coronary anomalies.
  • Assessing coronary stents
  • Identifying coronary artery bypass grafts
  • Reporting patency of coronary artery bypass grafts
  • Evaluating complex coronary artery bypass grafts
  • Describing coronary artery anomalies
  • Examining coronary artery anomalies
  • Examining coronary artery fistulas
  • Advanced coronary artery evaluation quiz
8 Lessons (54m 33s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 6

Operating a CT clinic

Confidently manage your cardiac patients. This chapter will cover the pitfalls and limitations of cardiac CT, radiation issues, and how to set up a high-quality service.
  • Writing an exemplary CT report
  • Knowing when cardiac CT is not the best option
  • Optimizing scan protocols to reduce radiation dose
  • Using appropriate criteria in cardiac CT
  • Setting-up and delivering a high quality service in CT
  • Operating a CT Clinic quiz
  • Cardiac CT Essentials outro
7 Lessons (28m 00s), 1 Quiz