Chapter 1

Atrial fibrillation

This chapter reviews the physiology, diagnostic criteria, and classification of atrial fibrillation.
5 Lessons (17m 20s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2


Master assessing stroke risk, bleeding risk, and the use of anticoagulants with this chapter.
  • Evaluating stroke risk
  • Deciding when to use anticoagulants
  • Assessing bleeding risk
  • Reviewing anticoagulants
  • Selecting the appropriate anticoagulant
  • Anticoagulation quiz
6 Lessons (16m 47s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Rate and rhythm control

This chapter focuses on slowing ventricular rate, cardioversion, and when to consider ablation.
  • Controlling heart rate in atrial fibrillation
  • Controlling heart rhythm in atrial fibrillation
  • Slowing ventricular rate
  • Restoring sinus rhythm
  • Selecting the appropriate form of cardioversion
  • Maintaining heart rate
  • Maintaining rhythm
  • Choosing between rate and rhythm control
  • Considering ablation
  • Rate and rhythm control quiz
  • Rate and rhythm control outro
11 Lessons (26m 54s), 1 Quiz