Chapter 1

Airway ultrasound

Learn how to use ultrasound to manage airway emergencies with greater safety and confidence. This chapter will cover endotracheal tube placement and preparing for cricothyrotomy.
4 Lessons (13m 01s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

Lung ultrasound

Make rapid diagnoses in patients presenting with dyspnea or shock. Learn how to use POCUS to recognize pneumonias, bronchiolitis, ARDS, and other important lung diseases.
  • Lung ultrasound intro
  • Moving beyond the basics of lung ultrasound
  • Acquiring lung ultrasound images
  • Diagnosing pneumonia
  • Recognizing viral lung infections
  • Evaluating for other lung pathologies
  • Avoiding potential pitfalls with lung ultrasound
  • Lung ultrasound quiz
7 Lessons (35m 06s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Point-of-care echocardiography

Move beyond the basics and learn how to use point-of-care echocardiography to diagnose pericardial tamponade, find abnormalities, estimate PASP, recognize endocarditis, and more.
  • Moving beyond the basics of echocardiography
  • Performing echocardiography in cardiac arrest
  • Diagnosing pericardial tamponade
  • Recognizing regional wall motion abnormalities
  • Evaluating right-heart function
  • Estimating pulmonary artery systolic pressure (PASP)
  • Assessing heart valve structure and function
  • Evaluating diastolic function
  • Recognizing endocarditis
  • Point-of-care echocardiography quiz
10 Lessons (1h 04m 26s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

Gastrointestinal applications

This chapter will teach you how to use ultrasound to diagnose common gastrointestinal conditions, including appendicitis, small bowel obstruction, and intussusception.
  • Recognizing when to perform gastrointestinal ultrasound
  • Diagnosing small bowel obstruction
  • Imaging the appendix
  • Evaluating for appendicitis
  • Diagnosing intussusception
  • Diagnosing pyloric stenosis
  • Assessing the stomach for NPO status
  • Gastrointestinal applications quiz
8 Lessons (41m 26s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Vascular ultrasound

Learn how to use ultrasound to evaluate vascular structures and make diagnoses, including aortic dissection, aneurysm, upper extremity DVT, and to confirm central line placement.
  • Scanning the great vessels
  • Visualizing the aortic arch
  • Diagnosing a great vessel dissection
  • Identifying a thoracic aortic aneurysm
  • Diagnosing upper extremity deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Confirming central line placement
  • Vascular ultrasound quiz
7 Lessons (28m 24s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 6

Musculoskeletal imaging

Use ultrasound to diagnose common musculoskeletal pathologies. This chapter will show you how to identify soft tissue structures, and diagnose fractures, sprains, and effusions.
  • Applying point-of-care ultrasound to musculoskeletal structures
  • Identifying soft tissue structures
  • Visualizing soft tissue structures in the upper limb
  • Visualizing soft tissue structures in the lower limb
  • Diagnosing fractures
  • Identifying tendon injuries
  • Recognizing a shoulder dislocation
  • Detecting joint effusions
  • Evaluating for hip effusion
  • Diagnosing peritonsillar abscess
  • Musculoskeletal imaging quiz
11 Lessons (57m 03s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 7

Scrotal ultrasound

Here, you’ll learn an approach to evaluating the acute scrotum with ultrasound, helping you diagnose testicular torsion and other scrotal pathologies, like hydrocele and orchitis.
  • Recognizing when to perform scrotal ultrasound
  • Acquiring scrotal images
  • Diagnosing testicular torsion
  • Evaluating for other testicular pathologies
  • Scrotal ultrasound quiz
5 Lessons (16m 37s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 8

Volume status and fluid responsiveness

Wrap up this course by learning how to make ultrasound-guided evaluations of fluid tolerance and responsiveness. You’ll cover cardiac output estimation, IVC measurements, and more.
  • Evaluating volume status with ultrasound
  • Quantifying the inferior vena cava (IVC)
  • Assessing fluid tolerance
  • Estimating cardiac output
  • Predicting fluid responsiveness
  • Volume status and fluid responsiveness quiz
  • POCUS Masterclass outro
7 Lessons (32m 55s), 1 Quiz