Chapter 1

Gathering data for clinical rounds

In this chapter, we discuss how to sift through your patients’ clinical data to prepare for rounds. We'll review a checklist to help you collect and report key information.
7 Lessons (28m 50s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

Clinical documentation

Here, we cover how to keep accurate clinical documentation for your hospitalized patients. We'll discuss common pitfalls and how to master your assessment and plan.

  • Understanding the importance of clinical documentation
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Documenting the diagnosis
  • Prioritizing the problem list
  • Explaining clinical reasoning
  • Clinical documentation quiz
6 Lessons (28m 55s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Patient handoff

This chapter covers how to safely and efficiently perform a patient handoff to another provider. You'll pinpoint the critical elements of an ideal care transition.
  • Using a mnemonic for patient handoff
  • Describing illness severity
  • Telling the patient story
  • Reviewing next steps
  • Anticipating safety concerns
  • Communicating with closed-loop feedback
  • Patient handoff quiz
7 Lessons (24m 19s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

Common on-call issues—electrolyte repletion

Here, we’ll cover a common issue you'll encounter on call: electrolyte repletion. You'll learn simple formulas and identify proper routes of electrolyte repletion.
  • Repleting potassium
  • Repleting magnesium
  • Repleting calcium
  • Repleting phosphorus
  • Common on-call issues—electrolyte repletion quiz
5 Lessons (32m 49s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Common on-call issues—constipation

In this chapter, we'll cover a common issue you'll encounter on call: constipation. You'll learn a step-wise approach to treat and prevent constipation.
  • Targeting the cause of constipation
  • Evaluating for bowel obstruction
  • Selecting a bowel regimen
  • Selecting next steps
  • Anticipating constipation
  • Common on-call issues—constipation quiz
6 Lessons (23m 38s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 6

Common on-call issues—nausea

This chapter covers another common issue you'll encounter on call: nausea. You'll navigate how to select the type and route of anti-nausea medication.
  • Targeting the cause of nausea
  • Selecting a class of medication
  • Selecting a route of administration
  • Monitoring for adverse effects
  • Common on-call issues—nausea quiz
5 Lessons (21m 15s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 7

Common on-call issues—pain

Here, we'll cover a final common issue you'll encounter on call: pain. You'll learn best practices for assessing pain and treating it with medication or alternative methods.
  • Assessing pain
  • Using nonpharmacologic options
  • Selecting non-opioid medications
  • Selecting opioid medications
  • Common on-call issues—pain quiz
  • Internship Survival Essentials outro
6 Lessons (26m 42s), 1 Quiz