Chapter 1

Background and definition

In this chapter, we cover how ARDS is defined and what the three stages are. We then cover ARDS incidence, risk factors, and differential diagnoses.
8 Lessons (39m 01s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 2

Essentials of ventilator management for ARDS

In this chapter, we will learn the goals of oxygenation and ventilation in ARDS and how to best set the ventilator to avoid injury and optimize chances for recovery.
  • Utilizing low tidal volume ventilation
  • Using PEEP in ARDS
  • Mastering the goals of oxygenation
  • Mastering the goals of ventilation
  • Avoiding injury from mechanical ventilation
  • Essentials of ventilator management for ARDS quiz
6 Lessons (27m 44s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 3

Controversies in ventilator management

This chapter covers current controversies in ARDS ventilator management including ventilation modes, PEEP titration, recruitment maneuvers, and non-RCT evidence.
  • Determining the optimal PEEP
  • Considering the use of driving pressure in clinical practice
  • Can using recruitment maneuvers kill your patients?
  • Using APRV in the open-lung approach
  • Controversies in ventilator management quiz
5 Lessons (21m 42s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 4

Treatment strategies in ARDS

This chapter covers many treatment strategies that have been recommended for ARDS, and whether scientific studies could prove their effectiveness.
  • Searching for an effective ARDS treatment
  • Starting with steroids
  • Using a conservative fluid approach to reduce ventilator days
  • Considering neuromuscular blockade
  • Using inhaled pulmonary vasodilators
  • Including prone positioning in the treatment algorithm
  • Considering ECMO in select cases of ARDS
  • Treatment strategies in ARDS quiz
8 Lessons (32m 48s), 1 Quiz
Chapter 5

Clinical course, prognosis, and recovery

This chapter covers what the disease course looks like in ARDS; how to diagnose, treat complications, and care for ARDS survivors.
  • Appreciating the clinical course of ARDS
  • Anticipating complications in ARDS patients
  • Implementing strategies for the long-term care of ARDS survivors
  • Clinical course, prognosis, and recovery quiz
  • ARDS Masterclass outro
5 Lessons (15m 10s), 1 Quiz